Products & Services

Custom Steel Fabrication, Structural & Misc. Steel Fabrication – Stairs – Railings – Equipment Access Platforms – Catwalks – Security/Equipment Protection Screens – Industrial Frames – Brackets – Shims – Pipe & Tube Fabrication – Rolled Plates – Wall Supports – Channels – Custom Plates – Anchor Bolts – Decking – Diamond Plate – Grating.

Detailing/BIM – Our dedication to providing on time service brought us to keeping as much of the steel fabrication process in house. With the addition of adding the Tekla BIM Software, we have been able to avoid having outside retailers become the bottle neck to our process. These 3D models allows us to prepare shop drawings from precise field measurements.

Minestone can handle building information modeling (BIM) projects. What is building information modeling? It is an integrated process that allows architects, engineers, contractors, and owners to build an entire project in a virtual 3D model before a shovel breaks ground.

BIM can also be used for cost estimating. If you have a CIS/2 file or can convert your project to a CIS/2 file, we can process your job in our 3D modeling system and run it through our estimating software to get an accurate cost with minimal waste. If we are awarded the project and the model is complete, we are able to use the 3D model in the drawing phase. This will help reduce the cost of your drawings, speed up your project by reducing the number of RFI’s, as well as manage conflicts in the design.